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FAQ About Flange

You can choose 4" connector flange.

There is no other side, it ends at the attached wall.

It is plastic, resistant enough for a normal dryer, it's not going to melt or smell or warp.

NO,it is made of plastic and cannot be bent.

FAQ About Inline Duct Fan with Dual Speed Controller

Yes, We have inline fan is matched with smart dual speed controller, it can precisely optimize the fan's speed and reach low speeds without generating noise or heat.

Fans of different powers have different airflows. You can choose a 4-inch fan, it is powerful enough for your 24x24 tent!

Yes, it can be used for air injection or extraction in any type of enclosure, whether basement.

Yes,but you would need to wire it to a switch so you dount forget to turn it on with the dryer.

Of course, you can even use hoses of the same caliber to improve grow tent (air circulation, intake, exhaust and light fixture cooling).

You can use ducting of the same caliber to connect them.

That would depend entirely on the amount of steam being generated, and a number of other conditions. Plus, with the way the motor is mounted too much water vapor could cause a short.

It can improve air circulation, tent exhaust intake fan keep you are in good ventilation conditions, but I wouldn't recommend this particular fan for that use.

There are ways to put it indoors and outdoors. When it is placed outdoors, you only need to connect it with a hose and introduce the fresh air you need. It can also be used with a carbon filter.

FAQ About Grow Lights

The LED ratios creates a full spectrum, including a portion of UV wavelength.

Of course,this full spectrum led grow light works for all indoor plants.

The white LED grow light provides a full spectrum and is designed to illuminate; red light and yellow light can help plants to bloom and bear fruit. This is because chlorophyll is sensitive to these two wavelengths of light, absorbs well, and promotes the synthesis of protein and organic acids and the growth of shoots.

This grow light temperature-resistant-60-200℃.

24 to 26 inches during seedling/veg to prevent damage to plants, and it can maintain a distance of 12-14 inches in the later stage of growth.

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