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With its own wind tunnel, the technology leads the world.


Hon&Guan which focuses on the R & D manufacturing of air replacement, fresh air ventilation and ventilation equipment, is a modern high-tech enterprise with main products such as mixed flow inline duct fan, ventilation fan, AC and DC fans. 

We understand that the journey towards excellence in ventilation technology is a collective endeavor. It is the synergy between our dedicated employees, our valued customers, the professional users who trust in our equipment, and our collaborative partners that drives us forward. Our commitment to enhancing the air we share is unwavering, and together, we're not just crafting state-of-the-art ventilation solutions; we're nurturing communities, supporting industries, and fostering environments where our collective well-being is paramount.United in purpose, we stride towards a future where every breath in eve


In our relentless pursuit of innovation in the ventilation industry, Hon&Guan has consistently invested in research and development, achieving notable results in product advancement and technology. Our efforts have been recognized with a significant number of patents, highlighting our commitment to pioneering new solutions in ventilation technology. Our patent portfolio includes:

  • 2 Invention Patents: Demonstrating our leadership in developing groundbreaking technologies.
  • 16 Utility Model Patents: Reflecting our focus on practical and efficient design.
  • 16 Design Patents: Showcasing our dedication to combining aesthetic elegance with functionality.

These patents are a testament to our brand's expertise and leadership in the ventilation industry, marking us as a beacon of innovation and quality.

Elevate with Hon&Guan Innovation

Excellence defines us. Our wind tunnel tech leads to top-tier solutions like mixed flow fans and AC/DC options. Choose Hon&Guan for a blend of quality and comfort.

In the heart of Hon&Guan's state-of-the-art duct fan factory, a symphony of innovation and precision unfolds. Our facility is a testament to our commitment to excellence, where every detail is meticulously engineered for optimal performance.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Detector:
Here, our Constant Temperature and Humidity Detector stands sentinel. It meticulously measures, monitors, and controls the environmental conditions, simulating and adjusting the ambient temperature and humidity to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our data. This guardian of stability is pivotal in maintaining the exacting standards required for temperature and humidity regulation.

Salt Spray Test Machine:
Adjacent to this, the Salt Spray Test Machine exposes our products to simulated corrosive environments. By mimicking the harsh conditions of artificial climates, this machine reveals the resilience and durability of our materials, guiding us in enhancing the manufacturing process to new heights of reliability.


Our important events

May of 2008

SHENZHEN HONGGUAN MECHATRONICS CO., LTD was formally established and completed construction area of 5000 square meters of modern plant, with the main business scope including the research and development, production and sales of axial flow fan, fan accessories as well as centrifugal fan.

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